I like to get straight to the point so, I’ll give you what you must know, and it’s up to you to stick around and figure out the rest. I’m not a show all your cards, type of gal, after all.

1990: Only child. Grew up in forest. Could often be found playing outside & imagining.

Was in 4-H (sewing) for 9 years. Designs and makes her own costumes.

2009: High school Valedictorian. Full ride to college. Studied “communications”. Regrets not studying music.

2016: Self-releases debut EP, ‘Invisible Crown’.

Obsessed with corgis. Constant Resting Bitch Face. Quick witted. Sassy.  Allergic to the sun.  At the gym 6 days a week. Can’t cook and doesn’t want to learn. Cares about the environment. Girl power.