Fun facts:


1990: Only child. Grew up in forest. Could often be found playing outside & imagining OR IN ROOM, SINGING.

Was in 4-H (sewing) for 9 years. Designs and makes her own costumes.

2009: High school Valedictorian. Full ride to college. 

2016: Self-releases debut EP, ‘Invisible Crown’.

Obsessed with corgis. Constant Resting Bitch Face. Quick witted. Sassy.  Allergic to the sun.  At the gym 6 days a week. Can’t cook and doesn’t want to learn. Cares about the environment. Girl power. LOVE IS LOVE. BLACK LIVES MATTER.


Maybe it’s her powerhouse vocals, unapologetically honest lyrics, her confidence, or the Best New Artist 2020 scrawled in red lipstick on her bathroom mirror, but one thing is clear: Courtney Noe has big plans. “I go to bed envisioning myself on stage in Madison Square Garden, to a sold out crowd” says Noe.

Her debut EP, Invisible Crown, released in August 2016, showcased a pop star sound with the soulful influences of Motown, sassy, risqué lyrics, and vocals that earned her comparisons to Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga.

With her music, Noe sets out to celebrate female strength, and confront the stigma surrounding sexuality and the societal expectations put on women. one of which, the myth that women can’t enjoy sex without a relationship. “I’m not traditional in any sense. I don’t want kids; I don’t want to get married. I don’t think sex and love can be defined in just one way. I’m here to say, being angry is okay. Not being bubbly is more than okay and wanting to have bomb sex with no feelings is sometimes the best way to go.”

Noe is an only child who grew up in a remote, woodsy part of the Oregon Coast. She spent her days writing and singing into her Playskool cassette player that was eventually upgraded to a karaoke machine. Her dad was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was very young, so she and her mom took on the labor-intensive tasks that come with living in the middle of nowhere – like hiking up to the water tank to fix a pipe that had been smashed open by an elk. The experience left a mark: “When people ask me to go camping or on a hike I'm like thanks, but I've already done my time in nature," she says. But it also shaped her in other ways, cultivating in her from an early age, independence, authenticity, IMAGINATION and a work ethic to be reckoned with. 

Her live show features multiple costume-changes, dancers, intricate musical transitions, and a live band. Noe doesn’t just want to put on show—she wants fans to have an experience. “Fashion is a part of that experience. The visual story is just as important as the sonic one," she says.

Her adoration of personal style started early. She joined a 4-H sewing club at the age of nine and stuck with it through her senior year of high school. During that time she went on to win County and State Champion awards for her self-made garments.

 “I’m quiet. I like to hang back and observe. So for me, instead of telling people about myself, I just express who I am through clothes.” From barely-there latex shorts to sequin bodysuits, she designs and sews much of her own stage wardrobe.

Upon graduating high school as class Valedictorian, she left her tiny, one-stoplight town, for college in the city, keeping her dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden to herself. “I’m from a small town and was always the black sheep, but I never really noticed I was the “misfit” because I was in my own world. I caught on quick that sharing my dreams resulted in “oh that’s cute” type responses, so I stopped”. She graduated college in 4 years with a B.A. in Arts & Letters (it sounds like a craft project but it’s a degree) and eventually the pull of music proved to be too strong to be swept under the rug any longer.

Noe always knew she had a voice in her but realized she needed help getting it out. “I was sitting my apartment one day and was just like “what the fuck am I doing? No one is going to come knocking on my door offering me a music career.” So she Googled vocal coaches in her area, scheduled a lesson, and Courtney Noe was born.

Her first single, “Invisible Crown,” has been played during multiple Trail Blazers games and she has performed at GIRLFEST NW, Portland Women’s Expo, Mississippi Studios, Dante’s and The Secret Society in Portland, Oregon, as well as Rockwood Music Hall and Bar 9 in New York City. 

“I work really, really hard. I don’t have days off. I’m either working to pay for my rent and my music or I’m working on making new music or taking care of the business side of things. I’m not very good at turning off and having “fun”. It’s not the healthiest way of life, mentally or socially, but I think that you have to sacrifice to achieve what I want to achieve. I’ll relax later; right now it’s time to grind.”

Courtney Noe is currently working on new music with renowned soul and funk producer, Tony Ozier. She will be releasing her sophomore EP, Bad Attitude, on September 13th, with 2 singles and a music video dropping this summer.