Grammys Best New Artist 2018 is written in red lipstick on her bathroom mirror.  "I've always thought big.  I never think in terms of steps one, two and three, the logical way things should transpire or the politically correct way of pursuing things.  I literally envision myself rising out of the stage in Madison Square Garden before I go to sleep. There's not a day that goes by that I don't see myself accepting a Grammy, performing at a world renowned venue or being on a major magazine cover. I think about that kind of stuff all day."

For over 4 years she has attended weekly vocal lessons and practices her warm-up exercises every day in the shower. Her shows involve multiple costumes (which she designs and sews herself), choreography (in heels), intricate musical transitions and power vocals. She doesn’t want to put on a show-she wants fans to have an experience.  

Her debut EP, Invisible Crown, was independently released August 2016. Her sound embraces the soul of Motown with the addictive character of pop. "My mom listened to oldies but goodies so I pull a lot of inspiration from that era.” Her lyrics are blunt, sassy and unapologetic. "My music is when I’m my rawest, emotionally. It’s the only time I’ll show a side of me that I otherwise cover up”. 

Divamode, her alter ego, allows her to be much more vulnerable with her emotions than she is in real life.  "In real life I use humor as a crutch.  I’m pretty introverted, shy and un-emotional."

Her single, ‘Invisible Crown’ was previewed during halftime of the Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game of the NBA Western Conference Playoffs (Round 1, Game 4).  She has performed at GIRLFEST NW, Portland Women’s Expo (2016 & 2017), The Secret Society, Bossanova Ballroom, Twilight Cafe & Bar, Jade Lounge and Ash Street Saloon in Portland, OR and Rockwood Music Hall and Bar 9 in New York City. Her very first gigs were at local county fairs including Washington, Multnomah and Benton County. 

An only child who grew up on the Oregon Coast ("in the middle of the forest” as she she puts it) she spent her days imagining, writing and singing into her Playskool cassette player (which was later upgraded to a karaoke machine).  Her dad was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis when she was 3 so she and her mom executed the laborous tasks.   "We'd have to hike up to the water tank and fix a pipe because the elk had smashed it open. When people ask me to go camping or on a hike I'm like thanks, but I've already done my time in nature". 

Known for her edgy and over-the-top style,  one look at her closet and you might ask why she isn't aiming for a career in fashion (and why she doesn't own anything other than black).  “Aside from music, fashion keeps me sane”. She joined a 4-H sewing club when she was nine where she went on to win County and State Champion awards for her clothing.  It’s no surprise she designs and makes her (and her dancers costumes) for shows. “Fashion is a part of the experience. The visual experience is just as important as the sonic one." 

Upon graduating high school as her class Valedictorian, her plan was to go to college and work in the fashion industry, keeping her dreams of selling out Madison Square Garden to herself. “I got enough crazy looks for wanting to work in fashion I can't imagine if I'd have said I wanted to be an international pop star”.

She's honest, stubborn and opinionated. Her vision is a rare one and her work ethic is a force to be reckoned with.  You’ve gotta KNOW, Courtney Noe.